Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  Will staging increase the value of my home?

A:  Yes it will help increase the value of the home as necessary updates are made, and will also maximize selling appeal to perspective buyers. It places the home in its best possible condition both aesthetically and physically.


Q:  How long do staging sessions last?

A:  Time allotted for staging sessions is approximately two hours.  If more time is required, an additional session can be added.


Q:  Are you able to visit retail suppliers, on-site, with clients to make selections and finish choices?

A:  Yes.  To schedule an appointment with the designer, please visit our contact page.


Q:  Do you offer first-time clients discounts on any of your services?

A:  First-time staging clients are eligible for a 15% discount.


Q:  Can I receive a design discount by purchasing through Modello accounts?

A:  Possibly.  This depends on the retailer as well as the product selections.  To discuss this further, please visit our contact page.